Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Instant Ramen

So I am more than likely the only family member who still eats instant ramen but I am posting this anyway. For me, Maruchan ramen is a major comfort food. With Scott having just moved to Texas and also having just taken on a lot more debt since I bought a car, I have definitely been on a ramen kick. The soup form is my fave-y but with no additives I think it is really boring. This is what I have been throwing in recently (as with seemingly everything I cook, the ingredients change dramatically based on what I have on hand)

To one package Maruchan Beef Flavor or Oriental Flavor Ramen:
-2 or 3 red radishes, sliced
-3 white mushrooms, sliced
-2 green onions, cliced into rounds (whites and tops)
-1 inch piece of fresh ginger grated or sliced finely
-1/2 to 1 tsp garlic powder
-1 tsp sriracha
-1 tsp soy sauce
-1 good grind of pepper

I cook the noodles to an al dente consistency with the seasoning packet in the water so the noodles absorb the flavor. I put all the other ingredients at the bottom of a bowl and pour the cooked noodles and broth over top.

*last night I also put in some cubed ham. It totally worked.

other favorite additives: Furikake, sesame seeds, crushed coriander seed, dried red chilies, mung bean sprouts, red onion, fresh sliced garlic, white vinegar or rice vinegar.


  1. Well this makes instant ramen sound really good. I actually have a package of Maruchan oriental flavor in the cupboard, even though I usually go for the chili flavor when I'm in the ramen mood.

  2. I used to combine ramen with a can of chili, back when I made almost nothing that involved more than two ingredients.

  3. i haven't had ramen in years. sigh...

  4. Ramen is an economical guilty pleasure of mine. Although it has practically no positive nutritional value, putting lots of veggies in it makes me feel better about it :) I won't lie. I totally totally love ramen.

  5. Yeah, we always have some instant ramen in our pantry for lunches, or dinners when I'm too lazy to cook much. Of course we buy imported instant ramen at the Asian supermarket so we can have the snob value ;)

    Akiko likes it when I stir-fry some bean sprouts to put on top. I usually add some frozen corn and either peanuts or sesame seeds, and stir-fry it up with salt and pepper in some sesame oil.