Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The results of the new foods

Squash Blossoms: They are incredible. The flavor is best described as delicately zucchini-like. Since they are flowers, they have a nice, thin texture that really works well fried. I looked up a lot a recipes and tried to figure out the easiest way to deal with them and get a good concept of their taste. This is what I did:

9 whole squash blossoms, rinsed and patted dry
corn starch for dredging
1/2 cup olive oil
garlic powder

I dredged the blossoms in the corn starch and just pan fried them until they got a light golden brown (and crisped up). I sprinkled a little salt and later a tiny bit of garlic powder. THEY WERE AWESOME!!!! Why can't I eat these forever? Seriously, why?!?!

DRAGON FRUIT: Ummmmm, yeah it doesn't taste like anything. It's beautiful and had the texture of a soft kiwi but it really just didn't taste like anything. It didn't even really smell like anything.

TOFU: I made fried tofu (with a cornstarch coating) and dipped them in a hoisin/soy sauce. Pretty good :) Not my new favorite food ever but pretty good.

Cactus Pears are yet to come.... Also to come, pictures!


  1. Good to know about dragonfruit. It's really expensive here (i accidentally got charged for it when buying kiwis, huge difference). Eric's more of a fruit person than I am so I like to get him new and exciting fruits but this one sounds like it's not worth the money for us.

    Squash blossoms sound tasty and easy, though, so if I ever see them I'll have to try them.

  2. Yeah the dragonfruit is really really not worth it. At least not the kind I got. There are fabulous ones out there I am sure, but that's not what I got! Haha. I read that they are bland but I wasn't expecting totally tasteless.

    The way I made the squash blossoms would be good as a kind of side dish to a light meal. Maybe on the side of a big salad or something? There are a lot of recipes for squash blossom soup out there that are more involved than frying them but they sound really good. I also have a recipe from Frida Kahlo's house for squash blossom enchiladas (or something like that). If I see more at the farmer's market on Sat. I am so going to get more :)