Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hawaiian Sun

So, Maidservant of the Monster and me were in Honolulu a few weeks ago for a conference. I should probably update y'all about that in real-world terms, but suffice it to say our presentations went well, and we had a little time to enjoy where we were. And then we came back to the 'Gene and it's been nonstop work every since.

One of the unexpected pleasures of being there was that a lot of places we went to eat they had Hawaiian Sun juices. Some of you will know what these are: guava juice, or passionfruit juice, or passion-orange-guava, or whatever, in brightly colored cans. We used to be able to get them at the Embassy commissary when we lived in Tokyo (we being the nuclear Walley clan), and as I recall we even used to bring home flats of the stuff when we'd go shopping at Yokosuka or Yokota. I don't know if I've had any since then - so that would make it eighteen years - but the cans haven't changed at all.

The stuff is probably available in the contiguous 48 - I think I've seen it in Asian groceries - I just never thought to look. Now I'm obsessed with it. Boy, did it bring back memories of life on the Embassy compound.

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  1. Wow, the only flats of cans I remember from childhood were Coke. :) I had zero memory of this until I followed the link to look at the cans. It never occurred to me that Hawaiian Sun was actually made in Hawaii.