Monday, July 25, 2011

Chèvre to the rescue

I <3 cheese. All kinds of cheese- I even like some blue cheese on the occasional salad.
I also <3 Mexican foods. This often involves Mexican blend cheese and all of their amazing melty, gooy wonder. This works out well for Cherilyn, who is all about the easy quesadilla or nachos, my problem is I really ought to avoid lactose. This is easy for me when it comes to milk as I have never enjoyed it. I drink Almond Breeze almond milk and life is good. Lactose free ice cream and almond or rice based ice creams are tasty as well. However cheese is my Achilles' heel.

Recently I decided, on a whim, to melt some Chèvre w/ basil I had on my tortilla and then add my salsa and see how it worked... It was AMAZING! The tartness of the Chèvre went so well with the salsa I was amazed! Since then I have obtained some Chèvre with pimentos in it & that is also very tasty! It melts well (though I find I have to use a knife to smear it around) & I love the blend with the salsa!

Does anyone else have any suggestions of tasty things to do with Chèvre? I eat it on crackers and salad and tortillas now. Anything to help me get my cheese fix, and stay out of the yummy sharp cheddar also in the fridge would be good!


  1. Chèvre is good stuff, isn't it? I made a kind of Waldorf(ish) salad with it last summer. It came out not half bad. I posted the recipe here:

    (Sorry, I don't know the html to make that a live link.)