Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From my Programming Connections

Recently, my feed reader has received several posts from Joe Pastry, with plenty of great tips for desserts and other fabulous-sounding foods. The odd part is that they come from an acquaintance introduced to me through my work on Parlance; we're only connected in case we ever start active development on a web front-end.

This is on top of Joseph Hall's entries in the Utah Open Source Planet, which dives into cooking on an irregular basis, as well as ruminations on an ideal recipe storage program. This year has also seen a Summer of Pie there, with more description than real recipes for (you guessed it) pies.

Then today, I get a kohlrabi dish via Planet Python, which usually discourages non-pythonic posts. I'm beginning to think there's a deeper connection between geekdom and cooking. Or is it really just baking?

1 comment:

  1. With coding terms like cake and spaghetti, I think there's a definite connection between geekdom and cooking. ;)