Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cry for Help: Curry Leaves

So I was reorganizing my spice cupboard, which had become woefully un-alphabetic, and was reminded that I bought curry leaves (dried, obviously) before Christmas and haven't used them. I remember Taryn once gave me a recipe for scrambled eggs with curry leaves, I think, so this question is mostly for her probably, but if anyone has favorite ideas for them I'd love to hear them before I use my expensive curry leaves. Thanks, yay!!

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  1. Curry Leaves. They are lovely :) SO I realized just now while looking through our blog archive that I have neglected to post my favorite recipe of all time. This is very odd! I mention it because that is how I primarily use curry leaves. The major drawback though is that for that particular recipe they really need to be fresh. I have tried it with dried ones before and it just doesn't turn out that well. With dried curry leaves I would suggest a couple of things:
    1. soup. they would go nicely in a broth-based soup. they are edible, unlike bay leaves, so they can just stay in.
    2. chuck some into any kind of masala-y veggies you may be cooking. They go nicely with anything Indian in flavor.
    3. I didn't suggest eggs but hey, that may be awesome! try it out!